spent time in (the) sunOL.
yesterday i got a louise brooks hair cut.
i went to a wine tasting with jennifer,

worked my new job today.
so sleepy, i ate vegtetarian sushi
and then re-purchased flower with no color.
i feel so lame,
got the munchies& had only
raisins in my house to eat.
i am eye
eye is i


Conversation Galante

I observe: "Our sentimental friend the moon!
Or possibly (fantastic, I confess)
It may be Prester John's balloon
Or an old battered lantern hung aloft
To light poor travellers to their distress."
She then: "How you digress!"

And I then: "Some one frames upon the keys
That exquisite nocturne, with which we explain
The night and moonshine; music which we seize
To body forth our vacuity."
She then: "Does this refer to me?"
"Oh no, it is I who am inane."

"You, madam, are the eternal humorist,
The eternal enemy of the absolute,
Giving our vagrant moods the slightest twist!
With your aid indifferent and imperious
At a stroke our mad poetics to confute--"
And--"Are we then so serious?"

T.S. Eliot


taken last month
drinking my favorite beer,

another plum post

softest plum exploded in my bag,
it got all over my journal and
my gary snyder book from tom.

i fell asleep in the park after work.
i should have laid with my feet uphill and my head down.
spending too much time head above feet.


suchagoodday today. went to the moma,
georgia o'keefe &ansel adams exhibit
+robert frank
amazing. i loved "mary's book" which frank made for this wife.
there was one page with lots of chairs,

people standing on chairs and chairs alone.
people sitting on chairs.
the photographs of paris were lovely.

i think i will go back next week.
what a great exhibit it was.
i feel lucky to have seen it.


today i;

ate plantain chips
and a plum that tasted like candy, it

was the best plum of the summer
so i might as well not eat anymore.

i almost didnt buy it because when i was

picking ones out at the store, it felt kind-of
soft ,maybe.

but man =,= was i wrong.